Artist Bio: 
Jessica Bonifas (b. 1991, USA) is a Seattle based filmmaker, photographer, and dedicated environmentalist. She is a Lesley University graduate with an MFA in photography and integrated media and a BA in environmental/global studies. 
Jessica's work has been featured in several group exhibitions across New England and the Pacific Northwest. She continues to embrace challenges by creating avant garde art through various experimental methods and creative editing that aims to engage the viewer in a critical conversation. 

Artist Statement: 
I am a filmmaker, photographer, and dedicated environmentalist. My practice includes shooting on film (with my beloved super 8), hand-painting film, and shooting with my 35mm photo camera to create experimental art. Working harmoniously with the land, I use natural resources and involve themes of nature in much of my work to convey the connection between humans and the environment.  Much of my work is metaphorical and relies heavily on emotion, uses metaphors for space, time and perception… and elements of surrealism to provoke the psyche of the viewer. I see film and photography as a way to create visual narratives that provoke  critical conversations in society. 

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